freshplate September 7, 2022

Remember those days, when you used to come home from school, throw all your stuff away, and just yell — “MAA, Bhook lagi hai!!”
And mom would serve us tasty lunch. Those were the good old days we wished would never end or surprisingly, just like magic, came back! Now that we are adults staying away from home or studying in hostels, we realize what a blessing a mother and her homemade food are!
Though there are a million reasons to love maa ke haath ka khana, let’s deep dive into this nostalgia trip to explore 5 reasons we love home-cooked food.

1. It Seems Almost Free Of Cost

Adulting made us realize that fancy food comes with a price. 

We spend a major chunk of money on ordering restaurant food or eating at restaurants only to get disappointed, not to mention the health issues that often come with it. Things were so much better when mom used to cook good and healthy food for us and didn’t even cost us anything.

“Even if my mother was the worst cook on Earth, I would still love to come home to a meal that she made for me. Why? Because she made it with her own two hands, and that’s what makes it special.” — Ajay Chopra (Head chef, Trident) 

Just saying: FreshPlate chefs are as amazing as they are and the food is as tastier as it gets at home, and your pocket stays happy too.


2. Quality Goes Hand In Hand With Quantity

Unlike restaurants, which serve limited quantities of food, homemade food never cease to fill us. There is no limit to how much you eat and what you eat; you only eat to your heart’s desire. In the hindsight, we agree that the reason we all had a healthy childhood is because of our mom’s yummy healthy food and her constant efforts to make sure we had enough, sometimes more than enough. Though we all complained when that one sabzi we hate was made for dinner and you had no choice but to finish it because “mummy gussa ho jayegi” 


3. A Fresh Meal- Every Single Time

Simply put, home-cooked food is fresh. Why? Because it is cooked with fresh ingredients available in your pantry and because it is cooked with a simple technique making it retain the essential nutrients of each ingredient used. It wouldn’t be too much if we say, a home-cooked meal is an ultimate comfort!


4. Liberty To Eat Your Favourite Dish

We all have a dish that no one can make better than someone we know. Most of the time it’s your mother or someone in the family. Cooking at home can be a great nostalgic trip that we can relish by cooking that dish if you are staying away from home. And if you are lucky and staying at home, then well, just have the person make it and ..Bon appetite!


5. Unconditional Love On A Plate 

Last but not least the main reason homemade food is the best is because you cannot reason out or justify anything else. It’s pure love on the plate and nothing can ever match up to that.


Missing Maa ke haath ka khaana?

In situations when we are away from home, getting to eat homemade food would be a blessing, right?  

That is why it’s a good idea to keep a proper balance and take advantage of apps like Freshplate which will be a healthier and more cost-saving alternative to ordering restaurant food. You get home-cooked meals delivered right to your doorstep as Freshplate partners with home chefs who bring a mother’s love into their cooking.




Food has a strong influence on people, culture, and society. For many, homemade food is very sentimental. It’s all about love, passion, and bringing people together by creating a memory that will make you smile when you think back on it.