Top 10 must try Winter Foods of India

Top 10 must try Winter Foods of India

freshplate November 30, 2022

Winters are here and so are our cravings to indulge a bit of warmth in our daily routine through Top winter foods of India that we just can’t resist. 

Food has been a conversation starter from ages- be it a light laughter or a serious discussion. India is blessed to experience all the seasons and what best way to spend some quality family time than enjoying the winter sun over delicacies that we call heritage. While north enjoys sarson ka saag, south India dives deep into the comfort of sambar and soups. 

Here is our take on a timeless journey through hot earthen pots resting over wood fire chulha, soaking winter sun in the veranda on lazy sundays and variety of good food that we fondly call winter foods of India.



North India 

Let’s just say North Indians were born to eat first and then conquer the world. These dishes and snacks from North India are just perfect to munch on!

1. Sarson ka Saag –


A punjabi household special, Sarson ka Saag is a dish made of green sarson leaves paired with palak, methi and corn flour and is  best served with Makke ki roti with a dollop of ghar ka bana makhan. It’s a much-awaited delicious Punjabi delicacy. This traditional winter food is incomplete without a tall glass of lassi. The saag isn’t just a flavorsome package but also is a whole bunch of nutrition. 

140 calories Per Serving

4 g Fat 

10 g Protein 

7 g Carbs 

7 g Fiber

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2. Nihari


When it involves Nihari, one is nearly instinctively transported to the traditional lanes of Purani Dilli where the dish is said to have been developed during the Mughal era, and where it continues to be a favorite winter breakfast. The rich, unctuous dish is perfectly suited for Delhi’s bitter cold and Kolkata’s mild winters.

East India 

As the chilly season knocks on the door with December just around the corner, East India turns into a culinary delight. The region is blessed with wet, foggy winters. Here are some delicacies of the eastern a part of the country.

3. Zan


Simple to cook and delicious in taste, Zan can be called a super winter food. A  popular porridge recipe of Arunachal Pradesh it boasts a roller coaster of flavors, this appetizing spicy porridge is a perfect meal for winter days. You can vouch for good taste and nourishment,while enjoying the warmth of Zan this winter.


4. Thukpa  –


Although Thukpa has its roots within the eastern part of Tibet; it’s widely popular in the state of Sikkim across all communities. Combined with plenty of vegetables, Thukpa is easy to make and satiates the stomach while providing warmth to the heart. This dish is the comfort food of locals and many in the state also like to pair it with Momos which is another popular and favorite food item across all North Eastern states of India.


West India 

As winter holds strong grips, the cold causes you to crave for heartwarming food. Your appetite constantly tugs at your sleeve; demanding a comforting  treat. Here are some widely consumed foods in western India

5. Undhiyu –


One can’t miss out on Undhiyu – cooked with nutritious winter veggies and a creamy paste of spinach, it is paired well with Poori. This dish is a healthy winter treat for one and all. Winter foods are traditionally rich in fat and calories, but Undhiyu isn’t one of these dishes and finds a sweet spot in every calorie conscious person as a healthy winter food of India.

            350 calories per serving

6. Lapsi – 


Lapsi is a breakfast sweet consumed especially in Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan. There are variants of lapsi available in several parts of the country. With ghee, dry fruits, broken wheat, and raisins, It’s a great breakfast delicacy to keep warm throughout the day during winters.


South India 

Winter is the best season to binge on seasonal south Indian delicacies that are not only finger-licking good but are also packed with multiple benefits that help you stay warm and strengthen your immunity. Meanwhile if you are from Bangalore and interested in knowing Best places to eat Biryani in Bangalore then this post will definitely help you. 

7. Sambar – 


Sambar is prepared with a paste of fresh, grated and roasted coconuts and spices. Sambar is typically served with steamed rice as one of the main courses in south Indian cuisine. Sambar is additionally served as a side dish with dosa . So during this winter you must try tempting sambar with a variety of dishes.

8. Vegetable soup


South is known for their simplicity and there’s nothing better than a piping hot bowl of soup to help you get past harsh winters. Add an assortment of vegetables to the soup, and you’ve got a meal that is nutritious and delicious. Tomato gives this soup a slight tanginess while celery and bay leaves add a pleasant flavor.

Central India 

Central India boasts of its diverse cultures and cuisines and winter food is not any different. So prep-up and indulge yourself in deliciously warm winter foods, reserved especially for the cold season.

9. Gajar ka Halwa


The famous Gajar ka Halwa is the go-to desert during the winter in every household. Just the sight of the piping hot-halwa immersed in ghee makes you drool. Gajar ka halwa topped with dry fruits shallow fried in ghee is just irresistible and is the best winter dish to consume.

10. Chikki


It is a perfect dessert that combines nuts, seeds and jaggery, mixed together and then set into small burfi like pieces.  A popular dish during the winter months, it can easily be consumed instead of processed chocolates etc. 

            102 Calories per serving




Its true when they say that summer health is made during winters. Our bodies can ingest more and have the capability of digesting better during winters. Our top 10 winter foods of India are just a beginning of the culinary wonder that India is. Let your taste buds live their best life this winter.