Top 6 Food Delivery Apps In Bangalore

Top 6 Food Delivery Apps In Bangalore

freshplate December 20, 2022

The Indian food delivery market is ripe. There is an influx of food delivery apps ever since the pandemic has hit; people are more conscious of what to eat, how it is being cooked, how it tastes and if it is economical on a daily basis. 

Before we jump into the top apps that you can consider to buy food, here are the few facts that you should know.

  1. Food delivery includes cooked food, raw groceries, organic produce direct from farm to you home, and meal plans
  2. A substantial number of restaurants, which didn’t deliver pre-pandemic, have now partnered with food delivery apps to stay relevant- good thing right!😉

Ever wondered how do food delivery apps are flourishing? 

According to an IMARC report, the market is expected to deliver a CAGR 28.9% from 2022 to 2027. The cloud kitchens that usually provide food via food delivery apps are estimated to exhibit a staggering value of 2.3M USD by 2025. This is good news for you! 


Few of the factors that are fuelling this staggering growth of food delivery apps  market are:

  1. Influx of population in tier 1 and 2 cities for better employment opportunities.
  2. Gig economy is on the rise and people are looking for affordable food options, especially home cooked food.
  3. Income levels have inflated in the past few years 

Cheer up and get ready to place your orders from the list of top 6 food delivery apps in Bangalore.  

1. FreshPlate

Freshplate-logo-food-delivery-apps-in-bangalore     Freshplate-app-image Freshplate-app-image

The app is India’s first exclusive app that offers fresh home cooked food to its users. One can either chose to order instantly or subscribe to the flexible meal subscription plans if you’re tired of ordering random food and looking for stable meals. All of their homechefs are FSSAI certified  and prepare the most scrumptious meals with top quality ingredients.

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App store: Yes 

Google Playstore: Yes

Web: FreshPlate


2. Masalabox

  Masalabox-app-image Masalabox-app-image

These guys are donning multiple hats at a time. You can choose your favourite binge meal from a homechef or choose restaurant styles food, depends on what you crave for. With a community of multiple offerings and brand, they offer meal plans, cakes, and a lot of other delicacies in partnership with brands.


App Store: Yes

Google Playstore: Yes

Web: Masalabox


3. Mykhaana

mykhaana-logo mykhaana-app-image mykhaana-app-image

MyKhaana is a marketplace all created by neighbourhood homechefs and homebakers.The app provides home cooked meals and bakes only and offers regional specialities in the city of Mumbai and Bangalore


App Store: Yes

Google Playstore:Yes

Web:  Mykhaana


4. Homefoodi

himefoodi-logo homefoodie-app-image

Similar to other apps offering home cooked food, Homefoodi is currently making tummies happy in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. They really understand what people look for in a home cooked meal and serve them right. With over 1000+ dishes, you are surely going to be fuller that you wishe for  🙂 . Meanwhile if you want to know best tiffin service in Bangalore then this article can help you. 


App store: Yes

Google Playstore: Yes

Web: Homefoodi


6. Freshmenu

freshmenu-logo freshmenu-app-image freshmenu-app-image

These guys are not exclusive home-cooked but they offer a massive range of cuisine and side dishes that we all crave for. Hit them if you need Asian, mexican or continental. You are sure to get the most fresh food of course at a cost, but hey, they serve almost every area.


Appstore: Yes

Google Playstore: Yes

Web: Freshmenu


7. Box8

Box8-logo box8-app-image box8-app-image

As much as they are loved for their food, they are equally loved for their cute little packings. Every order from Box8 is packed in a spill-proof box. Besides the packing, you get a variety of food- not necessarily home cooked though but the taste is purely desi 


Appstore: Yes

Google Playstore: Yes

Web: Box8


Are the above-listed apps and many others available in the market really offering the food that we want in our daily routine?

A big fat YES. Food delivery apps are thriving on only a few things- consistent taste, smooth logistics, and varying menus. When we say varying menu, we really mean it. 

There are plenty of options available out there and it eventually boils down to your eating habits, lifestyle, and mood!